2014 CWA Annual Conference & Trade Show

Join us for inspiring educational opportunities, stimulating workshops, and health-promoting activities at our 22nd Annual Conference!

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Listen to our past informational webinars on a variety of WIC-related topics. Learn about new research, policy priorities, & practical applications.

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Breastfeeding Advocacy

CWA partners with breastfeeding advocates all over the state to draw attention to the stark health inequities caused by inadequate breastfeeding support policies in many California hospitals. We seek policy reforms through local organizing, administrative and legislative advocacy.

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WIC Can Help

WIC CAN HELP is a campaign to strengthen local WIC capacity to help families survive and protect their children’s health and well-being in tough times.

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  • Happy Birthday, WIC! We're serving families better than ever after 40 years.
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What's New

Our Top Ten WIC Food Changes

Laurie True - April 03, 2014 

WIC foods just got even healthier! Last month USDA published its Final Rule which finalizes the Interim Final Rule published in 2007 and implemented in 2009. The rule makes some fantastic improvements that will further increase choice, cultural appropriateness and healthy food access for millions of WIC participants.  

WIC foodsThe changes are based on extensive review and recommendations made by the Institute of Medicine in its 2005 report WIC Food Packages: Time for a Change. Several early impact studies show that implementation of the new WIC food packages has improved dietary intake and breastfeeding behaviors of WIC families across the nation, as well as increasing healthy food access in low-income neighborhoods. A noticeable decrease in obesity rates among 2-5 year olds recently reported by CDC may be the best result so far of this large-scale policy change.

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Celebrate the Past, Innovate for the Future

Laurie True - February 14, 2014 

The idea of WIC was born at the historic White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health in 1969, where pediatricians and poverty advocates shared concerns about hungry and undernourished pregnant women and young children. With help from Senators Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern, the WIC program was authorized by Congress in 1972 and launched its first pilot program in Pineville, Kentucky in January, 1974.

momWICdeskThe early WIC years were a heady mix of experimentation, political activism and rapid expansion. It was exciting to be a part of the WIC movement and to see the early success of the program: declining hunger and anemia and better birth outcomes for millions of babies.

Forty years later, the California WIC community plans to spend 2014 highlighting WIC’s achievements and learning from our rich history. We will be celebrating WIC’s 40th birthday with a range of activities at the upcoming 2014 CWA Annual Conference & Trade Show in San Diego in April. We welcome local agency participation in these fun-filled and team-building events.

Turning forty is also a good time to look forward and begin thinking about updating WIC to meet the needs of a new generation of young parents who face a tough economy and many challenges to raising healthy and happy families. We need to ask ourselves some tough questions. Can WIC do an even better job in closing the disparities in health outcomes that persist in our population? Is the current WIC business model outdated and in need of transformative change? How will the Affordable Care Act impact WIC’s core nutrition and breastfeeding services? Can we be just as effective working remotely with WIC participants online as we are in person? What if WIC managers were held accountable for health outcomes as well as caseload?

 We’ll begin grappling with these issues in San Diego – join us for work and fun!


WIC Turns 40!