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Hospital Policies to Support Breastfeeding

CWA 2014 Bill List

Detailed Bill Monitor Report (Updated 06/30/2014)

Bills that CWA sponsors, supports, or is monitoring are summarized in the table below. Red text indicates a link to bill text, sample support letters, or sponsor information. Click on the report title above for summary descriptions and more details.

Bill / Author

Subject CWA's Position Sponsor Status
AB 1787/Lowenthal Breastfeeding in Airports
SUPPORT Author Sen. Approp
SB 1002/De Leon Medi-Cal & CalFresh Reporting
SUPPORT WCLP & CFPA Assm. Approp Consent File
AB 1579/Stone CalWORKS for Pregnant Women SUPPORT Western Center on Law & Poverty (WCLP) Sen. Approp Suspense File
AB 1614/Stone CalWORKS Hotline & EBT SUPPORT WCLP Sen. Approp
AB 2115/Bradford CalFresh Referrals to Child Nutrition Programs SUPPORT Author Sen. Approp Consent File
SB 899/Mitchell et al. CalWorks & Max. Family Grant Cap SUPPORT


SB 1000/Monning Soda Warning Labels
SUPPORT CA Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA) DEAD
AB 2413/Perez Creates Office of Farm to Fork SUPPORT Speaker Perez Sen. Approp
SB 912/Mitchell Limits on State Vending Machines & Buildings SUPPORT CCPHA Assm. Approp
AB 2449/Bocanegra Adequate Time to Eat School Lunch SUPPORT California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA) Sen. Approp
SB 993/Mitchell & Hernandez Dietetics Professionals Scope of Practice SUPPORT California Dietetic Association Assm. Approp Consent File
AB 1516/Gonzalez Medi-Cal Diaper Prescription
WATCH Author Sen. Approp
AB 1661/Bonta Healthy Options for Everyone (HOPE) Act to Increase Fresh Fruits & Vegetables



AB 2385/Ting

Market Match Nutrition Incentive Program WATCH


SB 947/Berryhill EBT Spot Bill


DEAD for 2014

WIC Vendor Rules

Information about new rules that update and strengthen existing federal and state regulations governing the approval of WIC vendors in California:

Hospital Policies to Support Breastfeeding

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