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Our mission is to lead California communities to nourish, educate, support,
and empower families in building a healthy future.

WIC in the Future

Since 1974, WIC services have improved health and social outcomes among America’s diverse families. Like any successful business or program, WIC needs updating to continue to engage today’s families.

Our Advocacy Work

CWA engages with partners on cross-sector public policy issues
on behalf of the WIC program and families.

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2019 Annual Conference & Trade Show

April 28 – May 1, 2019, in San Diego

Attend our 27th Annual Conference & Trade Show to learn how WIC moves families forward using technology and best practices within a culture of caring! Enjoy educational and networking opportunities for WIC staff and allied health professionals. Get the latest updates here!

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June 2018 – Farm2WIC Toolkit:
Connecting Farmers, Market Managers, Local WIC Agencies & Partners with Families for Vibrant Markets and Healthy Communities

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Low #MediCal reimbursement rates on #breastpumps hurt mothers and their children. In @CapRadioNews, CA mothers share how barriers to #breastfeeding impact their everyday lives. #InvestinMothers #CALeg #normalizebreastfeeding https://t.co/7gO0ylSOkU

CA families deserve a chance for healthy lifestyles from the start, but “crummy pumps make it hard for women to make healthy choices for their babies.” #Breastfeeding protects children from diseases & helps shield mothers from health risks. #CALeg https://t.co/7gO0ylSOkU

. @CapRadioNews demonstrates the need for CA mothers to have access to affordable & high-quality #breastpumps. Increasing #MediCal reimbursement rates will eliminate barriers for low-income moms & prioritize the health of infants. https://t.co/7gO0ylSOkU #InvestInMothers #CALeg

Thanks so much, @LabToLife ! https://t.co/GlfFVz7Oaj
calwic photo
Lauren Gardner, MS, RD @LabToLife
Thank you @calwic for an awesome conference 🌊🥦🍳🥛 🍇🥑It was a huge honor to be a speaker this year #catchthewave #calwic19 #selfie #packedhouse #wicworks https://t.co/H5HPVsdnX8

Who is loving @Flojaune’s breakdown of #DarthVader’s life to talk about #aces? We are! #CalWIC19 #catchthewave #wicworks

If you can’t be here with us in #SanDiego for #CalWIC19, you can still hear our plenary speakers! Head over to our Facebook at 8:30 for the livestream. https://t.co/veFLO0lAhv
California WIC Association
California WIC Association shared a post.
Breastfeeding Outcomes Among WIC-Participating Infants and Their Relationships to Baby-Friendly Hospital Practices

California WIC Association
California WIC Association shared a link.
A new study found that letting a baby continue sleeping in their car seat after arriving at home can pose serious risks to their health.
California WIC Association
California WIC Association
Low Medi-Cal reimbursement rates on breast pumps hurt mothers and their children. Hear California mothers share their experiences in @Capital Public Radio, how barriers to breastfeeding negatively impact California families. #InvestinMothers #NormalizeBreastfeeding
California WIC Association
California WIC Association shared a post.
What a great day for
California families!
SB 135 & SB 142 are moving
on to the Senate floor!