Our Mission

Our mission is to lead California communities to nourish, educate, support,
and empower families in building a healthy future.

COVID-19 Resources

State WIC programs and USDA are working feverishly to make adjustments to enable families to continue to receive WIC benefits, even more critical due to the impact of COVID-19. Local agencies are working with their local organization’s response to COVID-19 and also being mindful of staff wellness.

WIC in the Future

Since 1974, WIC services have improved health and social outcomes among America’s diverse families. Like any successful business or program, WIC needs updating to continue to engage today’s families.

Our Advocacy Work

CWA engages with partners on cross-sector public policy issues
on behalf of the WIC program and families.

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Becoming WIC’s voice in both Sacramento & Washington DC. WIC Ambassadors are organized by Congressional District.

2020 Annual Conference & Trade Show

April 5 – April 8, 2020, in San Diego

Empowered California Families! Unite, Inspire, Uplift focuses on Empowered providers who Empower WIC families and communities, even during stressful times. Our goal is to Unite and Inspire within our agencies and community circles and Uplift as we do our outreach and provide services. Please join us in sunny San Diego to connect, collaborate, and network with WIC staff and community partners from across the state. Get the latest updates here!

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June 2018 – Farm2WIC Toolkit:
Connecting Farmers, Market Managers, Local WIC Agencies & Partners with Families for Vibrant Markets and Healthy Communities

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The data from the #2020Census will be used to redraw voting districts, which will impact our communities for decades to come. By participating in the Census, we can ensure that we are represented fairly! #CaliforniaForAll #ICount https://t.co/yqWef7TnYn calwic photo

CWA recently spoke to @CapRadioNews @SRodd_CPR about how non-WIC shoppers can use the WIC logos posted by stores to by non-WIC items when possible, leaving WIC foods for WIC families. https://t.co/FBP2PkeAGe

The “CA Meals for Kids” mobile app has been updated to help students and families find meals during COVID-19-related emergency school closures. It's available on Apple, Android, or Microsoft mobile devices.

Download it here: https://t.co/hWGfzJqR5A.

Get ready, California! #2020Census invitations will be mailed out in mid-March. Be on the lookout for yours and head over to our website https://t.co/pNPcg8s84p to learn more about how the Census will uplift our communities. Who’s ready to fill out their Census? #CaliforniaForAll https://t.co/onrJiJJ6fP calwic photo

Get ready, California! #2020Census invitations will be mailed out in mid-March. Be on the lookout for yours and head over to our website https://t.co/pNPcg8s84p to learn more about how the Census will uplift our communities. Who’s ready to fill out their Census? #CaliforniaForAll https://t.co/1Gv2BE4Zzt calwic photo

NEW from @CalBudgetCenter: Senate & Assembly District Fact Sheets: How Inclusive Tax Credits Can Help Families & Our Communities. #CalEITC
California WIC Association
California WIC Association
The director of Contra Costa County WIC does a great job of explaining how their WIC agency has adapted to serving families remotely to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Your WIC agency may be doing the same! WIC is still serving families, including new families! https://omny.fm/shows/kcbsam-on-demand/contra-costa-county-suspends-in-person-wic-appoint
California WIC Association
California WIC Association
Supporting the breastfeeding dyad during COVID-19 pandemic: A Guide for Lactation Professionals.

Friday, April 3rd 2020 1-2pm

Join us for a webinar with Karolina Ochoa, IBCLC. for a look into the Covid-19 and the current recommendation of breastfeeding and support.
After attending the webinar, the attendees will be able to:
Review the basics of what is known about COVID-19 in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
Summarize the latest recommendations from CDC, WHO, ACOG and ABM about breastfeeding during COVID-19 pandemic in PUI and COVID-19 positive mothers
Identify the ways COVID-19 pandemic affects Lactation Professionals' care for their patients and how it may affect the breastfeeding outcomes
Define ways that Lactation Professionals can support the breastfeeding dyad during COVID-19 pandemic at hospital and at home
Identify mental health resources for healthcare professionals in need of emotional support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Webinar is FREE to IEBFC Members.
$10 for Non Members

California WIC Association
California WIC Association
Gavin Newsom:
We know you recognize that California’s families need access to paid leave to care for one another. We need it now more than ever. Please help California’s families feed their families while they #stayhome and #staysafe. bit.ly/2y486Co
California WIC Association
California WIC Association
If you are NOT a WIC shopper, please be mindful of which foods at the grocery store have a WIC label, and try to choose a different product if it's available. WIC shoppers don't have as much flexibility in what they can purchase, and during these times of empty shelves, it's important that we all try to make sure that everyone has what they need.