Our Mission

Our mission is to lead California communities to nourish, educate, support,
and empower families in building a healthy future.

Urgent Action

California WIC Association Believes That Black Lives Matter. Read about our reinforced commitment to dismantling systemic racism, challenging individual and organizational implicit bias, and building bridges to health equity by visiting our work in progress (see button below).

COVID-19 Resources

State WIC programs and USDA are working feverishly to make adjustments to enable families to continue to receive WIC benefits, even more critical due to the impact of COVID-19. Local agencies are working with their local organization’s response to COVID-19 and also being mindful of staff wellness.

WIC in the Future

Since 1974, WIC services have improved health and social outcomes among America’s diverse families. Like any successful business or program, WIC needs updating to continue to engage today’s families.

Our Advocacy Work

CWA engages with partners on cross-sector public policy issues
on behalf of the WIC program and families.

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Becoming WIC’s voice in both Sacramento & Washington DC. WIC Ambassadors are organized by Congressional District.

2021 Virtual Conference & Trade Show

May 3 – 7, 2021

The Resilience Conference will be a virtual reboot. Although we can’t be together in person, we will come together as cyber collaborators, teachers, and learners, finding our new normal, resilient as ever, continuing to Strengthen and Support California Families! Gather with us for an interactive online experience. Check out what we have to offer here.

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June 2018 – Farm2WIC Toolkit:
Connecting Farmers, Market Managers, Local WIC Agencies & Partners with Families for Vibrant Markets and Healthy Communities

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California mom Angelique tells her friend Rebecca how support from WIC helped her raise her three young children, including one who has autism, during the COVID-19 pandemic. #WICWorks @StoryCorps @NatWICAssoc @RWJF https://t.co/3A5AgM02nt

Many immigrants are excluded from California’s nutrition assistance programs. #SB464 will change this & strengthen CA's nutrition safety net for all Californians, regardless of immigration status. #Food4All #NoExceptionsNoExclusions #ImmigrantAreEssential https://t.co/K7VJP73knl

We are looking for a WIC participant interested in participating in a virtual meeting on 2/22 to give feedback on the WIC food package, and what it would mean for your family if it were expanded to include more $, different foods or both. If that's you slide into our DMs, please!

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Have you started using WIC during the pandemic because of job loss or reduction in hours? We'd like to hear from you! Has it been what you expected? Is it working for you?
California WIC Association
California WIC Association
California WIC brinda a las familias de bajos ingresos acceso a alimentos saludables, que incluyen frutas y verduras frescas, granos integrales, productos lácteos, alimentos para bebés y fórmula infantil si tu bebé lo necesita.

El personal de WIC está ofreciendo servicios remotos, sin contacto, para que las familias puedan mantener el distanciamiento físico durante la pandemia #COVID19.

Los servicios incluyen educación nutricional, apoyo para la lactancia, referencias a servicios médicos y otros recursos comunitarios sin costo.

Visita el sitio web MyFamily.WIC.ca.gov para encontrar una ubicación de WIC cerca de tí.

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California WIC Association
California WIC Association
COVID-19 and Infant Feeding Practices
A research team at UCSF is conducting a study to examine pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and infant feeding experiences during the pandemic. They are recruiting California-based women and birthing people, aged 18 years and older, who have given birth in the last 12 months. Eligible participants will receive gift cards after completing an online survey and Zoom interview. To learn more about the study, please email us at InfantFeeding@ucsf.edu

Link - https://milklab.ucsf.edu/covid-19-and-infant-feeding-study
California WIC Association
California WIC Association
Did you know that since the pandemic hit, WIC agencies all over California have, thanks to special waivers from U.S. Department of Agriculture, been able to serve families via phone, text, etc.? You don't need to bring your kiddos into a crowded WIC clinic during a pandemic - you can get WIC and keep your family safe and socially distant!
California WIC Association
California WIC Association
Our Flash Newsletter has a new look. Check it out!