2021 Virtual Conference & Trade Show




Log on with your email address and login code: 2021. If you cannot click on the link, please cut and paste the url into your browser. Chrome is the preferred browser. The platform is available until August 31, 2021. Session recordings are available for on-demand viewing now!

At the Resilience Conference we will come together as cyber collaborators, teachers, and learners, finding our new normal, resilient as ever, continuing to Strengthen and Support California Families! Gather with us for CWA’s 29th Conference & Trade Show.


  • An interactive online experience over five convenient half and full days
  • Topics areas:
    • Begin Early to Nurture Child Heath (with a specific focus on nutrition and breastfeeding)
    • Equity for All Families (with a heavy focus on BIPOC and racial and social justice in healthcare and social service settings)
    • Leadership & Management to Promote Wellness
    • Innovation and Collaboration
  • A two-track pre-conference, covering Health and Leadership Innovation.
  • Virtual Trade Show running the full conference week with links to company videos and materials, live chat, and meeting opportunities. 
  • Popular activities including the Trade Show scavenger hunt, contests, and health and wellness activities

Planning to Attend?

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Local Agency Sharing

Who is this conference for?
Registered Dietitians (RDs), Nutritionist, Lactation Consultants, IBCLCs, Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs), Undergrads in Nutrition, WIC professionals, Maternal & Child Health and Social Services Professionals, and community partners working to support and nurture California families.

Presentations will be both live and on demand, with all speakers available for live discussion and online access during their scheduled presentation time. Attendees can also return at a later time and watch all presentations and check out trade show materials on the conference platform until August 31st.

Attendees: You must register for the conference with your own email address to access the Virtual Conference Platform for all sessions, activities, and prize drawings and for continuing education units, providing over 30 CE units for RDs, IBCLCs, and RNs. We will provide detailed instructions on how to access and navigate the platform prior to the event.

We look forward to seeing you as we lift up resilience on behalf of young families!

Dates & Location

When: Monday May 3 – Friday May 7, 2021
Where: We are virtual! Join us from anywhere you like!

Last day to get refunds for cancellations is Friday, April 2, 2021. Substitutions may be made via email.
Last day to register online is Monday, April 26, 2021.


Online registration is now closed. For questions, please contact Lena Workman at lworkman@calwic.org.

Evaluations and CEUs

CLICK on the DAY to open the evaluation:

FOR CEUs, you must submit and enter your CEU information on each day’s evaluation – you will receive an automated email that you will keep as your certificate. Please make sure to type your email address correctly and to check your clutter and junk mail! The evaluations are in google forms; if your VPN or firewall does NOT allow you to access these evaluations, please submit using your phone or other device.

Download the 2021 Conference Agenda for your records.


Virtual Conference FAQs

Questions about registration and CE units? Contact: Meghan

Questions about presenting or facilitating a session? Contact: Jodi

Questions about becoming a sponsor or vendor at the tradeshow? Contact: Teresa

Conference Link & Agenda

Conference Link & Agenda

The Virtual Conference Link will be made available a week prior to the conference. Please check back at that time.

Click HERE or below for a PDF Version of the Draft Agenda as of 4-29-21.

Sessions will be comprised of live and prerecorded sessions. All sessions will be available for viewing until August 31st. NEW!!! Approximately 30+ CE units will be available for RDs, IBCLCs, and RNs. Because we are offering two tracks for certain portions of the conference, attendees will be able to go back and watch what they missed, thus offering more opportunities for CE units.

Day 1, Monday May 3: Pre-conference & Opening Plenary

Day 2, Tuesday May 4: Begin Early to Nurture Child Health (Breastfeeding & Nutrition)

Day 3, Wednesday May 5: Begin Early to Nurture Child Health (Breastfeeding & Nutrition)

Day 4, Thursday May 6: Equity for All Families

Day 5, Friday May 7: Leadership & Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Conference

Can our agency register for the conference and we can all watch together?
Each attendee has their own log-on information for the conference. The log-on allows each attendee to enter sessions, breakout rooms, meeting rooms, and also is used for their continuing education units, tracks their activities such as the Scavenger Hunt and other activities, and credits their participation in physical activities.

How does it work with live and recorded sessions?
During the conference week, the agenda will include live and recorded sessions. Speakers will be available for chat for both live and recorded sessions. Following the conference, all sessions will be available to attendees in a recorded format through August 31.

How many CE units are available?
Units will be provided for RDs, IBCLCs, and RNs. Approximately 30 units will be available over the 5 days.

On what type of device can I attend the conference?
You can sign into the conference on any device. A device with a larger screen like a laptop or PC will have a better view than a tablet or phone.

Do I need a web camera on my computer or device to attend the conference?
No, you will watch on the screen on your device and will not need a camera.

Do I need to subscribe to a video platform to attend the conference?
No. The conference platform will use Zoom and Vimeo. You do not need to subscribe to these platforms to attend an event unless you use your phone to view. If you view on your phone you will need to subscribe.

My employer prohibits the use of Zoom, what should I do?
When you are attending a Zoom event, such as the conference, this should not be a problem. If you were initiating a Zoom event and inviting people to attend, that is a different situation.

My employer blocks a lot of platforms. What if I cannot access the conference platform?
You have a couple of options. You can ask your IT staff to unblock access to the conference platform. You can also attend the conference outside of your employer network. We encourage all attendees to log on to the conference platform, as soon as it is ready to test their access and get familiar moving around in the platform.

What time zone is the conference in?
The times on the agenda correspond to Pacific Daylight Time.

Can the conference ‘sell out’ and there will not be enough seats?
No, CWA will ensure there are enough seats for any number of attendees.

Fun Stuff!

More Details to Come!

Scavenger Hunt: Explore the trade show to uncover and learn great things about the participating vendors all while earning points to win prizes! This scavenger hunt is educational and engaging, where guests can virtually connect with others while discovering the great perks offered by the conference.

Physical Activity Breaks: Are your eyes getting a little strained? Mind getting a bit foggy? Take some time to recharge yourself with these upcoming awesome physical activities to boost your mentality and kick the fatigue to the curb! 

Contests: Ready… Set… Post! Bring on your competition and creativity with CWA’s daily contests to get to the top of the leaderboard. Create and share your most unique endeavors for the most votes and interactions with other guests! Just a snapshot or a click away to make someone else’s day with a smile, or a chuckle!

Wellness Activities

Even Virtual Conference schedules can be demanding, so take advantage of wellness breaks to recharge your body and mind. 

We will have plenty of breaks incorporated into our agenda to give you time to refresh, stretch, and move! Get credit for your local agency WIC Worksite Wellness certification by participating in wellness activities! 

Trade Show Materials

We’re taking the Trade Show Virtual! Check out our  2021 Virtual Sponsorship Benefits Packet or Contact Teresa Morris to discuss multiple exciting opportunities and how to take your physical booth virtual! More details to come.

Click here to see a sample of the virtual exhibit booth.

Click here to see a video.

Conference Presentation Materials

Conference Materials will be available through the Virtual Conference Platform. Attendees will have access to the platform until August 31st.

Many Thanks to our 2021 Sponsors and Exhibitors!