2020 Virtual Conference & Trade Show

 There is a lot of interest in Empowering Young Families Unite, Inspire Uplift, CWA’s 28th Annual Conference and Trade Show, on a virtual platform. We look forward each year to the opportunity to spend a few days together learning from state and national experts, sharing our collective expertise, networking and meeting with colleagues, and participating in healthy activities and fun. It will be different this year since we cannot be in the same physical location, but assisted by technology, we can do all that that, from our clinic, office, or anywhere. With no travel and flexibility, we look forward to new opportunities for WIC colleagues from across the US, and state and national partners who serve young families, joining us as we collectively support our communities.

Sessions will be both live and on-demand, with all speakers available for live discussion and online access during their scheduled presentation time. The Virtual Trade Show will run the full conference week with links to company videos, materials on the platform, and live chat and meeting opportunities. Popular activities at the conference will continue including the Scavenger Hunt, contests and physical activities. Wear active wear! Post conference, all presentations and trade show materials will be available on the conference platform until Oct. 28.

Each attendee will register for the conference with your own email address and will have access to the Virtual Conference Platform. The conference platform will provide entrance to sessions, activities and prize drawings and for continuing education units, providing over 25 CE units for RDs, IBCLCs, and RNs. We will provide you detailed instructions on how to access and navigate the platform prior to the event. We look forward to seeing you as we Unite Inspire and Uplift ourselves on behalf of young families!

Questions? Contact: Meghan

Note: CWA cancelled all registrations for our in-person conference that was originally planned for April and then moved to July.  REFUNDS – Credit card payments have been refunded back to the card that was used; check payments will be refunded via check unless you have requested it be applied to the upcoming virtual conference. If you have questions about your refund, please contact Meghan or Lena.

If you made hotel reservations for July, be sure to cancel them!

Attention Attendees! Take a look at our NEW how-to video to learn more about how to navigate the conference platform.  If you are having trouble viewing this video, click here.

Dates & Location

When: Monday, August 24th – Friday, August 28th, 2020
Where: Join us from anywhere you like!

Last day to get refunds for cancellations is Friday, August 14th, 2020. Substitutions may be made via email . 
Last day to register online is Monday, August 17th, 2020.


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Questions? Contact Meghan.


Virtual Conference FAQs

Planning to Attend?

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Local Agency Sharing

Virtual Conference Link and Agenda

To explore the conference platform early or to attend the conference,

please click HERE or copy and paste the following URL into your browser:



To take the conference evaluation, which is required for CEUs,

please click HERE or copy and paste the following URL into your browser:



To download a Certificate of Attendence (NOT CEUs), please click HERE.


Click HERE for the DRAFT AGENDA!
Click HERE for a PDF Version of the Draft Agenda

Sessions will be comprised of live and prerecorded sessions; the prerecorded sessions will have live Q&A following the recording. All sessions will be available for viewing until October 28. Over 25 CE units will be available for RDs, IBCLCs, and RNs. 

Day 1, Monday Aug 24: Plenary and Health Equity

Day 2, Tuesday Aug 25: Breastfeeding and Maternal Mental Health

Day 3, Wednesday Aug 26: Leadership

Day 4, Thursday Aug 27: Nutrition

Day 5, Friday Aug 28: State WIC and Telehealth

Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Conference
Can our agency register for the conference and we can all watch together?
Each attendee has their own log-on information for the conference. The log-on allows the attendee to enter sessions and also is used for their continuing education units, tracks their activities such as the Scavenger Hunt and other activities, and credits their participation in physical activities.

How does it work with live and recorded sessions?
During the conference week, Monday August 24-Friday August 28 the agenda will include live and recorded sessions. Speakers will be available for chat for both live and recorded sessions. Following the conference, from August 28 – October 28, all sessions will be available to attendees in a recorded format.

How many CE units are available?
Units will be provided for RDs, IBCLCs, and RNs. Approximately 25 units will be available over the 5 days.

On what type of device can I attend the conference?
You can sign into the conference on any device. A device with a larger screen like a laptop or PC will have a better view than a tablet or phone.

Do I need a web camera on my computer or device to attend the conference?
No, you will watch on the screen on your device and will not need a camera.

Do I need to subscribe to a video platform to attend the conference?
No. The conference platform will use Zoom and Vimeo. You do not need to subscribe to these platforms to attend an event unless you use your phone to view. If you view on your phone you will need to subscribe.

My employer prohibits the use of Zoom, what should I do?
When you are attending a Zoom event, such as the conference, this should not be a problem. If you were initiating a Zoom event and inviting people to attend, that is a different situation.

My employer blocks a lot of platforms. What if I cannot access the conference platform?
You have a couple of options. You can ask your IT staff to unblock access to the conference platform. You can also attend the conference outside of your employer network. We encourage all attendees to log on to the conference platform, as soon as it is ready to test their access and get familiar moving around in the platform.

What time zone is the conference in?
The times on the agenda correspond to Pacific Daylight Time.

Can the conference ‘sell out’ and there will not be enough seats?
No, CWA will ensure there are enough seats for any number of attendees.

Fun Stuff!

More Details to Come!

Scavenger Hunt

Physical Activity Breaks

Wellness Activities

Even Virtual Conference schedules can be demanding, so take advantage of wellness breaks to recharge your body and mind. 

We will have plenty of breaks incorporated into our agenda to give you time to refresh, stretch, and move! Get credit for your local agency WIC Worksite Wellness certification by participating in wellness activities! 

Trade Show Materials

We’re taking the Trade Show Virtual!  Check out our  2020 Updated Virtual Sponsorship Benefits list or Contact Teresa Morris to discuss your opportunities and how to take your physical booth virtual! More details to come.

Conference Presentation Materials

Conference Materials will be available through the Virtual Conference Platform. Attendees will have access to the platform until October 28.

Many Thanks to our 2020 Sponsors and Exhibitors!

Let’s Get Healthy
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Juicy Juice
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